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Our Products

REG Life Sciences is initially targeting to provide drop-in chemicals and fuels. These products can seamlessly replace existing petroleum-based and natural oil-based products with a sustainable, renewable solution. We are working with partners and assessing the market place to identify the clearest market needs.

Our initial products will be a family of fatty alcohol and specialty esters in our chemicals group and biodiesel and bio-aviation products in our fuels group.

Initial Chemical Products

Our specialty ester product family will pair our fatty acid (C8-C18) biosynthesis pathway with a series of alcohols (C1-C14) which initially will be added to the fermentation vessel but ultimately will be made in situ.  

Following these products will be extensions of these product lines incorporating branched materials and targeted chain length products. In addition, new chemicals alkane products and pure hydrocarbon diesel and jet products are following in the pipeline to commercialization.

Medium-to-longer term, we will continue to provide additional products through our technology template of chain length management, branching and saturation/unsaturation points. We plan on developing bi-functional materials which can be raw materials for engineering resin producers (nylons, polycarbonates). We will provide longer chain molecules for high end personal care markets, and amines and amides for agricultural chemicals adhesives and engineering resins.

We will also be providing unique new materials which we believe will have applications in areas such as pharmaceuticals and flavors & fragrances.

Initial Fuel Products

Products include biodiesel fatty acid methyl esters (FAME) and fatty acid ethyl esters (FAEE) under the banner of UltraClean Diesel, which can be directly blended into current petroleum based diesel. These products have superior properties to current natural oil –based diesel products. The graphic below compares our FAME with these products.

LS9 markets

REG's FAME biodiesel exhibits superior fuel properties due to our ability to tailor the chain length and level of saturation.  REG's FAEE biodiesel is expected to have comparable or better cloud point and cetane number.

We have also demonstrated that these biodiesel esters can be further processed using technology provided by companies such as UOP, into pure hydrocarbon diesel and aviation fuel blendstocks.

Ultimately we envision a family of fuel products targeted at the very large diesel/kerosene and aviation fuel markets.

LS9 markets