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About Us

REG Life Sciences is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Renewable Energy Group established in 2014 to harness the power of industrial biotechnology to produce renewable chemicals, fuels and other products.

REG Life Sciences acquired substantially all the assets of South San Francisco based LS9 in January 2014 as a cornerstone investment.  The research and development team and the industrial biotechnology technology they invented are the foundation around which REG Life Sciences seeks to build a robust, growing and profitable industrial biotechnology business.  REG Life Sciences will leverage the proven commercialization expertise of Renewable Energy Group as its works to transition the acquired technology from the research and development stage into commercial production.

Our research and development facility is located in South San Francisco, California and includes laboratory capabilities encompassing strain engineering, enzyme engineering, synthetic biology, biochemistry, bioinformatics, analytical chemistry, automation, high-throughput screening, feedstock evaluation, bio-process development, recovery development, and a pilot plant.

Through our sister company, REG Okeechobee, REG Life Sciences has access to a dedicated demonstration-scale fermentation facility for technology scale-up.  REG Okeechobee also has the potential to be upgraded and expanded into a commercial scale facility for the production of specialty chemicals and other products.